Chelsea FC – Blues news headlines

My Chelsea Weblog Movie Score: two / 5

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  1. tderias says:

    @TheMangoesonrun LOL would you just shove it up your ass and accept getting schooled or what? You clearly have no common sense, YES SENSE, NOT SENCE, to understand what I said. I said I can’t find a rope, but when I find one I’ll mail it to you. Whats so friggin hard to understand here? I can’t do nothing without failing? LOL Yes you’re right, I CAN do everything without failing LOLOLOLOL. Even your attempts at insult turn into compliments because you’re too thick to read what you’re writing!

  2. cavi7910 says:

    Thus, AVB should continue in Chelsea to keep a stable management and to execute his plan for Chelsea which requires time. Besides AVB should only be sacked if he fails to do well next season when he will have his ideal squad and truly no excuse for not finishing at least in the top three. Lastly, I want to say that I hope AVB will continue to manage Chelsea for many years and to have great success.

  3. cavi7910 says:

    AVB is trying to make Chelsea similar to Barcelona by creating a foundation of players from which they could continue to build on from. Also I am sick and tired of Chelsea sacking managers every 6 months. How is Chelsea supposed to progress if they keep changing tactics, formations, and philosophies with so many diverse managers? Besides, who will replace AVB if he were to sacked? Mourinho will still be in Madrid and I can’t think of any manager available that has the quality to manage Chelsea.

  4. cavi7910 says:

    In addition to that other players have been injured when Chelsea needed them most. (For example Essien). Also AVB isn’t playing most of the established star players such as Lampard and Drogba (at times); because he is trying find out which players in the current roster are capable of filling in for them in the future. From doing that he will also determine which players are suited in his plans and which players to buy. In addition AVB is trying to make Chelsea similar to Barcelona by creating a

  5. cavi7910 says:

    Just realized my comment was cut off half way… I’ll try to remember what I said…..

  6. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @xx0acdc0xx Woah Seriously? He’s not, all he does is shoot and Waste the Oppotunity. We’re Applying pressure, he gives the ball to the opponant by a long shot. He’s so crap..

  7. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @1Novatrek But, why would you after a Meeting where you are allowed to critisise? Also Lampard can, the fact that he is our main goal scorer should show this, At the Wolves game he was the First one to go to the fans to cheer us after the game. He is the bigger person to the fans then AVB. And Because Essien has been injured doesn’t mean that he is not Consistant.This is a true fact that you will Listen too, He never lost a game at Porto,He doesn’t know how to get chelsea out of a Rut

  8. 1Novatrek says:

    @TheMangoesonrun You know, the majority of the criticism are the same as the ones levelled at Ancelotti that eventually got him fired. It did not help us, and now you are doing the same t hing. I also beleive its bullshit to suggest if we had played in this formation or had these players we would have won. At the moment, we are simply not good enough (as a whole).

  9. 1Novatrek says:

    @TheMangoesonrun Fergie has, repeatedly. Most recently dropping rooney for having a night out. AVB is the boss, you might not like the direction, but you as a player should do everything in your power towards that direction cuz its ur job. Lampard cannot drive teh team on like he once could. Im not saying sell him because he still has a big role to play. Essien is just back from an injury he has suffered in two consecutive seasons.

  10. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @CK2008able I really hope you’re joking.Cech and drogba only Mourinho Players. Lamps top Goalscorer,JT has been Absolute QUALITY this Season.Ramires was tragic against napoli, Sturridge first goal against brummy since the start of 2012.I Agree with your next statement though,We need that PASSION.Without that theres no Team And Fergie doesn’t, he just brings in one or two players.This season he signed young players for keeps And If you look at UTD, Giggs Played 900 Games under Fergie.

  11. CK2008able says:

    @markbr Totally agree mate! We haven’t got enough good players right now. Too many letting successive managers down. They let Carlo down, now they are letting AVB down. Need consistency. Players need to change, not the manager!

  12. CK2008able says:

    @TheMangoesonrun Well Cech, Bosingwa, Mikel, Malouda, Ivanovic, Drogba and even Cole, Lamps and JT at times have been very inconsistent this season. They are pretty much all Jose Mourinho players who have been there for years. Only consistent players have been Mata, Sturridge and Ramires. They have performed well and the common denominator is they aren’t Jose players. We need more players with that hunger. We need to freshen it up every year like Fergie does at United. It stops complacency.

  13. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @camuhi Yes.. This IS Spam

  14. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @CK2008able Who Isn’t Consistant? Apart from the Strikers?

  15. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @1Novatrek Apart from strikers, tell me the old players that aren’t Consistant? Erm…. Also Fergie really hasn’t, Fergie is also a quality manager that knows how to do a proper team selection. Everybody knows why he would do something. The reason why AVB did it is because he had a ‘clear the air meeting’.Got told he was shit so stuck them on the bench, then look who he’s running back too And i don’t, EG – Brummy Took Mata off for Lampard when looking for a goal,whole stadium went WTF

  16. TheMangoesonrun says:

    @tderias No.. It really wasn’t, and a complete fail that you think that. Also you didn’t make sence, you can’t find rope that you can hang yourself with, but you want to give it me.. Meaning you wouldn’t be able to hang yourself, that is ofcourse without killing yourself first. You can’t do nothing without failing, can you?

  17. IvanovHotmailboy says:

    So many dislikes

  18. chelseamkd says:

    Yeah, and Meireles & Bosingwa are the brightest stars in our team. Bitch, please.

  19. markbr says:

    Drogba, Lampard, Malouda, Ferreira – Too old
    Essien – too injury prone
    Terry – too scandal prone and is old
    Kalou, Mikel, Meireles, Cahill – not good enough
    Torres – will never be the same at chelsea again
    Luiz – still an idiot

    Chelsea shouldn’t have lost to Napoli. They were simply to damn slow and lacked the will to win.
    SOLUTION – REPLACE DEMOTIVATED, OLD, SLOW PLAYERS WITH HUNGRY YOUNG PLAYERS. A new manager will never be able to bring trophy’s with the same shitty players!

  20. jonschelsealover says:

    Gotta have faith CFC fans. AVB will get his style figured out, and field the best 11 consistantly. I know of 15 teams in worse shape than Chelsea, and we must get behing our manager and his players, rain or shine.

  21. imudger says:

    AVB needs to stay and if he does go please dont bring benitez to the club look at what he done to liverpool and inter.

  22. gtafan912 says:

    @tderias haha that was some fresh ownage right there LOL

  23. ABDILLASOUR says:

    @cavi7910 wow well said

  24. tderias says:

    @TheMangoesonrun actually it’s quite original since i made it up myself, and you knew it was good as you imagined your mum doing it. But, denial aside, I can’t find any rope to hang myself with, but I PROMISE YOU, once I find one, I’ll mail it right to your door. One of the values I learnt growing up is to give what you have to those who need it most, and considering what a sad life you have, I can’t think of anyone else…

  25. Tehnoobcakez says:

    raul seems to waste many shots =_=