Chelsea FC – Blues news headlines

My Chelsea Weblog Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC – Blues news headlines”

  1. ibnugeelqaad4 says:

    please my man luiz don’t go to barca they have everything you are good at chelsea you and ramires good future is waiting you

  2. xbENNNEHHhx says:

    how old are you…

  3. samdaman92 says:

    No thats not what im talking about. Im talking about their trips to Asia and North America for pre season. You really think i dont know what UEFA is? And by the way I was born in London and left at the age of 12 so dont give me that bullshit.

  4. xbENNNEHHhx says:

    travelling where? if youre talking about them playing vs european teams.. thats called UEFA lol… its a see who are the best teams in the world.. not a promotional event to gain a bigger fan base… and as for the supports having to be from chelsea.. or atleast london, in england you support the team of the city youre from.. so you can see why its odd for me to see fans from completely different countries supporting my team because theirs suck.. you wont get it, its an english thing

  5. samdaman92 says:

    Wouldn’t have much of a fan base if that was the case. Why do you think these clubs are travelling world wide during their pre seasons. To expand their fan base and make more money. It would be foolish to limit their fan base to just one small part of London.

  6. lazysaus says:

    Youre right…

  7. ucmyway says:

    Yes I did, and the first goal, he doesnt even look at the goal! second, the goalkeeper stumbles (poor goalkeeping). I love chelsea, and want torres to do well, but the goals are not his old class.

  8. Stuart Howman says:

    Keep the Blue Flag flying high….Flying High right in the sky……….

  9. Fmeckerfritzef says:

    no ARSENAL WILL WIN!!!! and chelsea too… i mean come on liverpool won against city…why shouldn’t chelsea also win?!?? ;D

  10. TheGodfather1OOO says:


  11. pdffinder says:

    Wheres tits? lol

  12. pdffinder says:

    Ashley Cole killed him with his gun 🙂

  13. b6ns says:

    He’s not that GOOD!!

  14. NermisFT9 says:

    Make video special for Torres’ birthday

  15. ghantisanjay says:

    @IKyZeh I posted my opinion. So u STFU.

  16. yaneluizchelsea says:

    hepi b’day to u Fernando José Torres Sanz 🙂

  17. footballlover06 says:

    Happy Birthday Torres! :D

  18. xNzzyz says:

    Where is Alison Benders ? fuck i miss her so much..

  19. IKyZeh says:

    FUCK YOU. it doesn’t matter who wins the league, all that matters is chelsea win there games.

  20. sid111100 says:

    dude, man u is gonna win, whether we like it or not… we need to win all our matches from now on to secure 3rd spot. that should be our aim now…

  21. TheTrueblue1997 says:

    happy bday fernando torres

  22. ghantisanjay says:

    AS much as I want chelsea to win this, I dont want manu to win this league. SO i hope this will be a draw given arsenal will lose their fixture

  23. TeamSwitcho says:

    Happy Birthday GOD (Torres) … LOOL

  24. yaozheng95 says:

    FA Youth Cup semi-final 1st leg

    Man Utd 1-2 CHELSEA

  25. henry david vox says:

    lee parker, love your accent