Chelsea FC – Team news pre Aston Villa

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC – Team news pre Aston Villa”

  1. Amse94 says:

    @drogbabas Frei is the turkish Messi in my opinion. he runs similarly to Messi. he has fantastic vision, and has fantastic pace with the ball being stuck to his foot. If we get Keirem Frei to play in the right wing where Danny Sturridge plays in the left wing, that will create problems for the defenders because both players can drag the ball in the middle and curle it in. with Juan Mata playing as a midfielder, because Mata is really a midfielder in anybody’s eyes.

  2. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:

    Alright people I have heard lately that Drogba is going to leave Chelsea because they don’t want to offer him a new 2 year contract which will pretty much see him retire at Chelsea. Please thumbs up people so they can see that we want Drogba to stay with Chelsea and to retire at Chelsea. He’s my hero, he’s someone i look up to, He to me is a perfect striker who can score screamers from 40 metres out of nothing. Please Chelsea give him a new contract that the legend deserves. KTBFFH!! <3CHELSEA<3

  3. duskhunter891 says:

    Lampard. < Just the right person. Erm. I see the inside in Torres now. He just needs a bit more time. He can be be better than Rooney. Serously. He just needs time.

  4. whatJoey says:

    Thank you Fulham, puts Chelsea 4th! :]

  5. hibye90on says:

    @arvi1231 thats lampards job he did not his job so torres did it

  6. Staticshock999 says:

    Torres is getting his touches back slowly but surely

  7. mish3lovic says:

    bosingwa is shit. how about abate?

  8. mish3lovic says:

    if we can’t have mourinho, can we at lease have moutinho?

  9. drogbabas says:

    @Amse94 who the hell is frei??????came on man Danny Sturridge is good even though he’s is his style of least he’s playing for chelsea and able to dribble the ball and be greedy unlike that someone you know i know ah seoulllll!!!!!!!hiyok hiyok hiyok psit buahs siakkk

  10. cfcallday95 says:

    @SKrawks lmfao

  11. TrueBLiNaAC says:

    @SKrawks xaxaxaxaxa right :p

  12. SKrawks says:

    Finally, the Justin Bieber curse has been lifted.

  13. EAsportsFlFA says:

    @IllSk1llz yer but FC Porto but stupid money on their players they gave Pereira a £30 million buy out clause and a £84 million buy out clause on Hulk even though their worth half that so they will do the same to moutinho and give him a £35 million buy out clause when he’s worth £20million, STUPID!!!!!! and all those who say we will get Hulk, LOOK AT HIS PRICE TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. IllSk1llz says:

    Moutinho is someone who is a genius passer and makes everyone around him play better. He is the conductor of midfield and really sets everything in motion. He works so hard as well. When the enemy team is in possession he works his socks off to get the ball back. He is a very good dribbler (close control) and has inch perfect passes. The type of player we have lacked in midfield for ages. AVB allready tried to buy him last summer but he thought it was too soon to leave. Maybe he will join us now

  15. IllSk1llz says:

    Guys, I rather have a player like Moutinho. He is a very creative player who is also very dynamic. I suggest everyone to follow some Porto games to see him play. That man is a fucking genius. He is like the Portuguese Modric but better! I think he is alot better than Sneijder as well. Sneijder cost way too much and his salary is way too high. He is also someone who doesn’t work for the team at all. And he is also very very injury prone and needs to have a team BUILT around him. That doesn’t work

  16. cmcgowan96 says:

    This true about sneijder 25m?

  17. ONEshot1KILL4 says:

    @TheeCRZAZL sturridge inj

  18. bruceleroy1990 says:

    @bruceleroy1990 *left back

  19. bruceleroy1990 says:

    Check out Luiz at right back getting ripped apart by Hulk lol. watch?v=cwxS1RTdfJo

  20. EAsportsFlFA says:

    @MrOlbbj5 soz 31 lmfao

  21. CoOpzBf3 says:

    we are in the top 4 again!!!

  22. MrOlbbj5 says:

    @EAsportsFlFA Xavi is 31!! LOL

  23. EAsportsFlFA says:

    @Tatemation i know i want young players but 1 senior amazing player wouldnt harm i mean iniesta is 27 and hes only just become amazing and xavi is 34 and is at his prime in his career

  24. Tatemation says:

    sorry mind me mistake i meant 27 🙁  *embarassed*

  25. Tatemation says:

    listen we dont want sneijder hes 7 years old in a few years time he’ll be no use we need to sign young creative midfielders who have’nt proved their worth on the big stage for example mouthinio etc…