Chelsea FC – Team news pre Tottenham

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC – Team news pre Tottenham”

  1. tommccallum7 says:

    @Burn0Man He missed 3 games after genk, the genk game was immediately after his suspension, and while he was suspended, drogba gained confidence which lowered torres game time which then lowered he’s confidence.
    Anyway, been fun argueing but its completely pointless arguement, bye.

  2. Burn0Man says:

    @tommccallum7 He missed one match after genk he played a match just ten days after genk. Did he really lose so much confidence after ten days?

  3. tommccallum7 says:

    @Burn0Man Sorry i meant swansea, the volley from Mata’s ball.
    Yes it is confidence and he didnt score after genk because he got suspended and that time out made him lose it.

  4. MrRee1000 says:

    Did you know Preston, Sheffield utd and Huddersfield have all won more league titles than tottenham and they think they’re a big club HAHAHAHA even Blackburn have won the league more recently than them lol

  5. Burn0Man says:

    @tommccallum7 he never scored against norwich, scoring against at home against genk isn’t really an accomplishment, and you can say confidence is the problem for 18 months of poor form. if it was just confidence why didn’t he score in any match after genk

  6. ONEshot1KILL4 says:

    @chelsea00boss PLASTIC FAN!!!!

  7. dabuzzer123 says:

    @Frankieeboy123 Fuck off you yid cunt

  8. tommccallum7 says:

    @Burn0Man Just before that suspension, goals against united and norwich, with a double against genk straight after. But then theres always something to ruin his confidence.

  9. chelsea00boss says:

    All i want is to see Abramovich’s sho mark on AVB’s ass flying back to Portugal 

  10. Burn0Man says:

    @tommccallum7 When has Torres been outstanding at Chelsea? even when he did play a lot of matches under Ancelotti he wasn’t playing well. He’s started more matches than Drogba this season anyway

  11. tommccallum7 says:

    @Burn0Man Torres is clearly a better player he just needs to find his confidence, and that is definietly not happening sitting on the bench, drogba is good ENOUGH, but we need someone who is outstanding and unless we sign someone, torres has a better chance of that.

  12. Frankieeboy123 says:


  13. ticrevo says:

    @Macineo7 Mata’s face reminds me of Roger Federer 🙂

  14. MrThekilla882 says:

    @gebrielrask faggot

  15. Burn0Man says:

    @tommccallum7 I was being sarcastic. Torres got plenty of games and didn’t exactly ever lead the team to victory. This part of the year is very important and even when Torres gets a multitude of starts he rarely capitalizes. i feel drog is the better fit and is the one to lead the forward line during the holiday season.

  16. pikajojo2 says:

    @Otaiguru Alex Ferguson dosent give a shit about chelsea, they only afraid of Man City now…

  17. tommccallum7 says:

    @Burn0Man Exactly, + with drogba going away, even if we sign a striker, we won’t as soon as january starts, torres will need to play at the start of january so we should build he’s confidence, and in my opinion, even without confidence, he is still more dangerous then drogba, sometimes he’s head just isn’t right

  18. Abiezer9CFC says:

    @andy00miha yes,I very very agree!

  19. Burn0Man says:

    @tommccallum7 YES in a time of the season that we need to win lets play a guy for the hope that he will score in 3 or 4 weeks because, with torres, that has been so effective

  20. mish3lovic says:

    @Macineo7 mata looks like wolverine.

  21. Burn0Man says:

    @chelsea00boss i know right why would you start the striker that scores in a top 5 derby when you could play two that dont?

  22. ljb265 says:

    @ljb265 whoops i forgot to mention Suarez’s case thats the one that has to do with mu

  23. gebrielrask says:

    What is wrong with you?!
    Are you Liverpool-fan, Torres is a Joke-

  24. Otaiguru says:

    Alex Ferguson has 24 accounts…
    Look at in like rating…

  25. chelsea00boss says:

    Switch up the formation Bruh !! Hey AVB Try Drogba and Torres together and put your buttbuddy Sturridge on bench for a little bit will yh