12 thoughts on “Chelsea FC vs Malaysian Allstars World Football Club Friendlies 2011

  1. Video referee – Successful testing Premier league Czech Republic, second year.
    video clip for youtube.com/watch?v=1eaGTrTMb5¬0

  2. @kissmyass950531 your predictions are more spot on than nostradamus 🙂
    anyway it was a quite a lucky goal, malaysian allstars surprised and odds against them or a draw were super high.

  3. let me predict the future. . . .
    chelsea will score a goal . . .
    chealsea will win the match by 1-0
    the goal will be an own goal by the keeper himself, after failing to save dider drogba’s free kick . . .
    hope my predictions come true. .. =)

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