Kurt Zouma not Happy with Chelsea management

Kurt Zouma is not flustered by the fact that the Chelsea management is planning to add another defender to their squad this summer.

There were rumours that in case of the arrival of a new defender at the Bridge, Zouma would prefer an exit because his chances of playing would be minimal.

And Marseille was believed to be the club well ahead in the race to secure the services of the Centre-back.

But, Zouma has come out and put the rumours to rest by stressing that he is not willing to part ways with Chelsea and is determined to earn a permanent place in the starting line-up.

As per Zouma, everyone’s been saying that this club is trying to buy him and that club is trying to buy him and that’s not a bad thing for a Footballer as it means that he is in the picture and is getting talked about, but, he is pretty clear in his mind about his future and his future lies with Chelsea at this stage.

Zouma reckons that because there will be more number of matches for Chelsea in 2017-18 than there were in 2016-17, the opportunities will present themselves for him and it’s about grabbing those opportunities.

On asked why it took him longer than expected to return from the ligament tear that he had sustained during the season prior to the previous one, Zouma says that he was in no hurry because he didn’t want the injury to surface again. Sometimes players get impatient and don’t give themselves that extra bit of time. They rush into action too soon and it results in the injury getting resurfaced and ruling them out for another few months which is a devastating situation. It is better to be a little cautious than to get into that situation.