24 thoughts on “David Luiz – All goals for Chelsea FC – [HD]

  1. OurChelseaBlueBoys is a chelsea supporters facebook page. Please give the page a like.

  2. Hahahaha. Well my first comment seems weird because i really believe in Chelsea’s defenders quality. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. glad to see that you are reasonable. Honestly I expected a 10 year old fanboy who hates everybody but his club. kudos to you

  4. I respect opinions like yours. Even if you think Chelsea’s defence is bad that’s ok with me. I also don’t think Chelsea is the best at defending (I talked about the players, not about their communication,the team’s system etc.) ‘Oh here we go…’ isn’t a serious answer. These kinds of comments are 99% from haters.

  5. he doesnt have to be a hater, its just not the best defence in the world. by far.

  6. Luiz,Cahill,Terry,Ivanovic. I believe we have the best Central Defenders in the world. No need for any other defender. And for the fans that are obsessed with youngsters don’t forget we have Kalas! I think these defenders have something special.

  7. We have a very uniquely gifted player! So happy to have such a talent at CFC

  8. the penalty against bayern it doesn’t count as a goal cause it was in a shootout btw i’m not a bayern fan or supporter

  9. @Mullatokiid you’re a fucking idiot, he’s not a winger like Bale, and Bale is younger than him too

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