Antonio Conte has bemoaned not having proper support

While departing, Antonio Conte has bemoaned not having proper support from the authorities of his National Federation.

For Conte, the only person standing by him most of the time was the chairman, but, even though he was the head, it was not possible for him to do a lot without having the others on board.

However, according to Conte, the Euro Championship was a conclusion of all the work done by him with Italy in the last 24 months and he is grateful and thankful for the positive vibes generated by the supporters.

Conte also revealed that it was not very long back that he was willing for the chance to go further with the Italy job. In fact, till the last winters he had no ambitions to cut the ties with Azzurri, but, due to some particular developments, he didn’t push on the future talks. Also, around that same time, the offer from Chelsea came beckoning and his reaction to such a thrilling proposition happened to be positive.

The 46-year old is now moving forward with a lot of clarity. He says he doesn’t see himself returning to Italy’s ranks for any second tenure and he would possibly spend the rest of his career in club management only.

Conte would look to shrug off the sadness of the Germany loss in the little time that he has before he moves to another venture where challenging times are certainly in store for him. His daring personality, however, would only enjoy that. Continue reading “Antonio Conte has bemoaned not having proper support”