24 thoughts on “Eden Hazard | 2013/14 | 1080p | Chelsea F.C @EdenHazard

  1. rare player.. in young age, he can control his team mates.. will be
    chelsea’s captain in future after terry and lampard retired.. 

  2. This is a poor man’s Ribery – I wouldn’t even rate Hazard above Gotze 

  3. Top class player!
    Best in the premier league with Aguero, Ozil, and a couple other city

  4. @omid kaya you’re the retard here if you fail to see that Eden hazard is
    the best midfielder in England. How about you increases your knowledge
    about football before calling people retarded…

  5. Chelsea got Hazard, Arsenal got Gervinho… Superstar of a player. Chelsea
    will be lucky to hold onto him. 

  6. Chelsea are so much shitter without him, makes a huge influence on the team
    and he’s only 23

  7. Blue is the colour, football is the game, were all here together and
    winning is our aim. So cheer us on through the sun and rain cuz chelsea,
    chelsea is our name!

  8. As much as I hate Chelsea, I do rate Hazard and I think that he is an
    exceptional player. 

  9. I really don’t get why all the “special effects” is necessary. Great
    footballers should be displayed in a more plain fashion, so you really can
    see their brilliance.

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